Buy advertisement feature

You can buy features for an advertisement by doing performing POST against the buy feature controller resource. Buying features for an advertisement is only possible when the authenticated user owns the advertisement.

field type constraints default Req W U
orderId int no yes no
pay boolean yes yes no


Optional argument that when specified indicates that these products should be added to an existing order rather than that a new order should be created (not yet implemented)


When set to true indicates that you want to immediately pay for the order via invoicing (only API partners can do this) ONLY TRUE IS CURRENTLY SUPPORTED


POST /v1/advertisements/{itemId}/features/{featurename}/buy-feature

Purchase a feature


Buying a dagtopper :

Request :

POST /v1/advertisements/m1/features/dagtopper/buy-feature HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

    "pay": true

Response :

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Content-Type: application/json

 "_links": {
    "self": { "href": "/v1/orders/123" },
    "curies": [
        "name": "mp",
        "href": "{rel}.html",
        "templated": true
 "_embedded": {
   "mp:product": [
       "_links": {
          "self": { "href": "/v1/orders/123/products/2432" }
       "productId": "2432",
       "description": "dagtopper",
       "price": "3000"
 "orderId": 123,
 "status": "paid",
 "price": 3000


http error code description
400 feature-not-allowed The given feature cannot be bought by the current user. This is usually because the feature requires special privileges. If you think you really need this feature, contact us for more information.
400 invalid-feature-type The provided feature type is invalid
400 invalid-order-state The provided order cannot be modified
403 unauthorized The action you are trying to perform is not allowed
400 unknown-order The provided order id is unknown