Category attributes

The Marktplaats API supports attributes for both categories and advertisements to specify additional properties of a product like size and color.

Category attributes are recommended attribute names and values for a given category. They help constructing automatic user interfaces in which sellers can select one or more values from a pre-defined list of attributes.

They serve as a basis for the attributes the seller can supply in addition to his own user-defined attributes. You cannot post/put category attributes.

There is a separate url available to get a category attributes.

field type constraints Req W U
key string yes no no
label string yes no no
type Attribute type yes no no
values array(string) no no no
minValue number applicable to attribute with type NUMBER only no no no
maxValue number applicable to attribute with type NUMBER only no no no
unit string applicable to attribute with type NUMBER only no no no
mandatory boolean yes no no
searchable boolean yes no no
writable boolean yes no no
updateable boolean yes no no


Unique name of an attribute.


The label of the attribute


The label of the attribute


A list of all allowed values for the attribute.


Minimum allowed value.


Maximum allowed value.


Indicates the unit of a NUMBER attribute.


Indicates if attribute is mandatory or can be omitted.


Indicates if you can filter listing results based on this field.


Indicates if you can set this attribute when creating an advertisement for this category


Indicates if you can update this attribute for advertisements created in this category

Allowed attribute types

type description
STRING User can select a single value from values.
LIST User can select one or more values from values.
NUMBER User can provide an integer number between minValue and maxValue.
DOUBLE User can provide a floating point number


GET /v1/categories/{l1CategoryId}/{l2CategoryId}/attributes

This urls returns attributes for the specified leaf category.


Retrieving category attributes :

Request :

GET /v1/categories/1/2/attributes HTTP/1.1

Response :

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

 "fields": [
         "key": "levering",
         "label": "Levering",
         "type" : "STRING",
         "values" : ["Ophalen", "Verzenden", "Ophalen of Verzenden"],
         "mandatory" : false,
         "searchable": true,
         "writable": true,
         "updateable": true
         "key": "eigenschappen",
         "label": "Eigenschappen",
         "type" : "LIST",
         "values" : ["Met bandje", "Met ketting", "Verguld"],
         "mandatory" : false,
         "searchable": true,
         "writable": true,
         "updateable": true
         "key": "motorinhoud",
         "label": "Motorinhoud",
         "type" : "NUMBER",
         "minValue" : 1,
         "maxValue" : 8500,
         "mandatory" : true,
         "searchable": true,
         "writable": true,
         "updateable": true