Error codes

API Errors

Error code represent general highlevel errors that indicate something went wrong with the call. In line with RESTful API’s the HTTP response code is the first indication of what exactly went wrong. Further more the errors will have an API code that describes what went wrong and message with some more detail.

Sometimes errors are accompanied with field errors that can give some more insights into the exact location of what went wrong.

More information can be found under Error Handling.

http error code description
404 advertisement-not-found The advertisement with the provided itemId does not exist.
500 asq-not-sent something went wrong on our side.
404 bid-not-found The bid doesn't exist
404 category-not-found The category does not exist.
409 conflicting-state When trying to patch an advertisement, this error is returned when the patch is not possible. For example, when trying to replace a field which does not exists.
400 constructed-date-error :description: Constructed date format error (should be in the format of 'yyyy-mm', e.g. '1975-05')
400 email-change-not-allowed
Email is not allowed to be changed for this account
400 extension-not-supported It is not possible to extend the advertisement. This can have various reasons.
400 feature-not-allowed The given feature cannot be bought by the current user. This is usually because the feature requires special privileges. If you think you really need this feature, contact us for more information.
404 feature-not-found the requested feature does not exist. Only returned when one try to GET a single feature.
400 fitments-not-found Fitments not found
400 incorrect-content-type The used content-type for the request-body is not supported. At the moment we only support application/json
500 internal-server-error Oops! Sorry, something went wrong on our side.
400 invalid-expiration Renewal is not possible because item is not in expiration period
400 invalid-feature-type The provided feature type is invalid
400 invalid-item-id The item id provided does not match [a-z][0-9]*.
400 invalid-json The provided json is invalid (it is not json)
400 invalid-order-state The provided order cannot be modified
400 invalid-patch-operation The patch operation sent in the patch request is not valid. It should be one of 'add', 'remove', 'replace', 'move', 'copy', 'test'
400 invalid-postcode The post code informed doesn't exists or parameter is missing.
400 limit-invalid The specified limit is invalid
404 location-not-found
The requested location is not found.
400 pagination-invalid The pagination offset and limit need to match, offset should be a multitude of limit.
400 pagination-too-deep limit * offset cannot be > 5000
400 query-missing When not specifying a category id the query cannot be empty or missing
404 savedsearch-not-found There is no savedsearch for given id
404 transaction-not-found The transaction doesn't exist
401 unauthorized The userId is not of the currently logged in user
400 unknown-order The provided order id is unknown
400 validation-failure
Validation of the user-review settings failed.

Field Errors

Field errors specify something that went wrong with a specific field in the API json. It will indicate the field in question and have a code and message with detail.

field error code error value description
categoryId ad-change-or-placement-not-allowed Not allowed to change or place ad in category.
categoryId category-change-not-allowed Not allowed to change the category of an advertisement. Categories can only be changed when you have a special privilege, it can be changed only once and only within a specific time period since starting the advertisement
email email-in-use The specified email is already in use
newEmail email-in-use The specified email is already in use
<field name> field-missing The value for this field is missing.
<field name> field-not-editable The specified field may not be edited by the current authenticated user.
<field name> field-value-out-of-range The allowed range for the field. The specified field value is out of range. This only happens with numeric values.
file file-too-large The file supplied to this field exceeds the allowed size.
<field name> input-invalid The value for this field is invalid.
name input-invalid The supplied name is empty or invalid
newEmail input-invalid The email is in an invalid format
phoneNumber input-invalid The phonenumber has an invalid format
postcode input-invalid The postcode is unknown or has an invalid format
priceModel.retailPrice input-invalid It is only allowed to set or update the retailPrice when the user has retail_price privileges.
priceModel.type input-invalid A required price model type is missing
<field name> input-not-allowed It is not allowed to set this field given the other fields. This message is returned when you try to set for example an ``askingPrice`` for a ``priceModel`` which doesn't support that.
priceModel.askingPrice input-not-allowed The asking price is not allowed for the selected model type
priceModel.minimalBid input-not-allowed The minimal bid is not allowed for the selected model type
priceModel.type input-not-allowed "buy it now" User is not allowed to use this model type
<field name> input-not-numeric It is not allowed to give a non-numeric value for fields which are numeric.
<field name> input-too-long the maximum allowed length The length of the supplied value exceeds the maximum allowed length for this field
name input-too-long The supplied name is too long
priceModel.shippingCosts input-too-low The specified shipping costs are too low
<field name> input-too-short The minimum required length. The length of the supplied value is less then the minimum required length for this field
priceModel.askingPrice input-too-short The specified asking price is too short
priceModel.minimalBid input-too-short The specified asking price is too short
priceModel.type invalid-field-value "fixed|bidding|trade|see description|by request|to be discussed|buy it now|reserved" Model type doesn't contain any of the allowed values
file invalid-file-format The file supplied isn't one of the allowed file types (or is empty).
priceModel.askingPrice invalid-input The required asking price field is missing
<field name> missing-required-field A required field is missing or empty (while that is not allowed).
<field name> too-many-field-values There are too many values given for the field.
<field name> unknown-field The specified field does not exist or is not allowed for the given category.
priceModel.minimalBid value-too-high The minimal bid is too high (it is higher then the asking price)