The whole API should be discoverable from this root resource by following hypermedia controls


name availability embedded cardinality
mp:advertisements always no 1
mp:categories always no 1
mp:users always no 1
mp:me always no 1
mp:locations always no 1
mp:searches always no 1


Retrieving the root resource :

Request :

GET /v1 HTTP/1.1

Response :

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "/v1",
      "title": "Starting point of Marktplaats API."
    "curies": [
        "href": "{rel}.html",
        "templated": true,
        "name": "mp"
    "mp:advertisements": {
      "href": "/v1/advertisements",
      "title": "Access to advertisements."
    "mp:categories": {
      "href": "/v1/categories",
      "title": "Access to categories."
    "mp:users": {
      "href": "/v1/users",
      "title": "Access to users."
    "mp:me": {
      "href": "/v1/me",
      "title": "Access to the logged in user."
    "mp:locations": {
      "href": "/v1/locations{?postcode}",
      "templated": true,
      "title": "Access to locations."
  "message": "Welcome to the Marktplaats API. Our goal is to be as self discoverable as possible. For API documentation, visit"