User statistics

Endpoint to retrieve statistics about an user.


Below are listed the specific statistics that are returned:

field type constraints default Req W U
numberOfSoiViews int positive yes no no


The number of times the Seller Other Items page (SOI) has been viewed. By default, this returns the total number of views since registration of the user. The period for which the number of views is displayed can be controlled using the startDate and endDate query parameters, which accept a date of the format yyyy-MM-dd.


GET /v1/users/{userId}/statistics

Retrieve statistics for a specific user


Retrieving the statistics of an advertisement :

Request :

GET /v1/users/12/statistics HTTP/1.1

Response :

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": "/v1/users/12/statistics"
    "describedby": {
      "href": ""
    "curies": [
        "href": "{rel}.html",
        "templated": true,
        "name": "mp"
  "numberOfSoiViews": 82